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2020 Virtual CHEMS Training Letter

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  • 2020 Virtual CHEMS Training Letter

    Good afternoon Highway employees!!

    As you all know, in lieu of our WisDOT and CHEMSPRO Annual Training Conference, your CHEMS Board elected to provide you with training videos instead. A lot of time has been spent on brainstorming training topics, finding volunteers, and physically creating the videos. We are pleased to announce the videos are now live! There are both CHEMS and non-CHEMS training and we encourage you to check back often because we will continuously add more training videos as we receive ideas and volunteers to help us record the content.

    To access the training materials, visit At the top, you’ll see a yellow banner with links to the training page. However, you can always navigate to the page directly by following these instructions: If you don’t have a login for this website, from the Home Tab, click on the link for CHEMS Training Materials under the Latest Activity section. If you do have a login for the website, login and navigate to the Articles Tab where you’ll find a section titled CHEMS Training Materials.

    Once you’re at the CHEMS Training Materials section, you’ll find links to the CHEMS training video YouTube page as well as links to the PowerPoint slides and other training videos provided by DOT, the CHEMS Board, and members of the CHEMS User Group.
    As an added bonus, in the newest release of CHEMSPRO, there will be links to the videos placed directly on the windows and popup boxes inside CHEMSPRO itself to help guide you to the training materials.

    If you have ideas for additional training or would like to volunteer to help us develop the training materials, please refer to the contact information at the top of the Training Materials Section on the CHEMS website and click on the words “CHEMS Board President.” to email the Board President.
    Thank you to everyone who helped with our virtual training, we’ve appreciated all of the feedback we’ve received throughout the year on what to offer as training opportunities in 2020. We hope everyone is staying healthy and we look forward to seeing all of you October 20 – 22, 2021, in Eau Claire at the Holiday Inn – South!

    With sincere thanks,
    Heather Marheine
    Lincoln County
    CHEMS Board President
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