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CHEMSPRO PROD (OP060) 4PM Thursday 8/29/19 Scheduled Maintenance

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  • CHEMSPRO PROD (OP060) 4PM Thursday 8/29/19 Scheduled Maintenance

    *** The CHEMSPRO PROD and TEST servers will go offline at 4:00 PM this Thursday ***

    CHEMSPRO Scheduled Maintenance 4PM Thursday 8/29/19
    - This is a server side update only, there is nothing you need to install
    - Servers will go offline at 4PM Thursday 8/29/19
    - Expected downtime is about 15 minutes

    Please save your work and log off before 4PM Thursday.

    PROD #1, PROD #2 and TEST will go offline at 4PM Thursday.

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    Final reminder - CHEMSPRO PROD#1, PROD#2 and TESTwill be going offline in a little less than an hour..

    Please save your work before 4:00 PM and log out of CHEMS. Expected outage is about 30 minutes


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      The production and test servers have been patched. The actual outage was about 15 minutes on PROD #1, PROD #2 and the TEST server.

      Please note - This was a server side only fix, no new software was released at this time. There isn't anything for you to install with these changes.

      All servers are functional as of 4:15PM 8/29/19.