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What are the CHEMSPRO system requirements?


  • What are the CHEMSPRO system requirements?

    CHEMSPRO is a Windows 32bit application with no special requirements. A typical computer found in an office environment running a supported version of Windows will work quite well. As always, a faster computer will run everything faster including CHEMSPRO .

    You should have:
    • An up to date Windows capable computer
    • Windows 7,8 or 10 32bit or 64bit.
    • Windows recommended amount of memory (usually 4GB+)
    • Minimum screen resolution 800x600, recommended 1024x768 or higher
    • Windows supported printer
    • Minimum Internet connection 1.5MB+ (T1), Fiber or fast cable recommended
      • Reliable, doesn’t go down often and doesn’t get saturated
      • Speed does matter and so does your latency (ping) time.
    You must have a good internet connection to use CHEMSPRO. If your Internet connection is slow and unreliable you should consider an upgrade. If you share an internet connection in your county make sure it’s not overloaded. Often times a shared connection works great except at 8:30AM for example, when everyone gets to work and checks their Email / Internet. Some counties also do video conferencing via the Internet which can use up a lot of your Internet bandwidth and slow everybody else down.

    You should also consider a backup connection method if your Internet is unreliable. 4G Cell modems can be an excellent backup option even in remote areas. 4G is capable of 5GB+ speed and can be configured to automatically start up when your main connection fails. A standard 56KB dial up is too slow to run CHEMS. Your backup plan can be as simple as using a laptop and a cell phone with a 4G data plan to get a payroll out.
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    • When can I use CHEMSPRO?
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      CHEMSPRO is generally available 24/7 365 days a year but there are some times you need to be aware of and possibly avoid.

      8AM-4PM Mon-Fri Supported Hours of Operation CHEMS and DOT staff available to resolve any issues.
      12-21-2015, 11:07 AM
    • What should I do if I can’t log into CHEMSPRO?
      Jon Gray
      Check your Internet connection
      Try a website like Google:
      If this fails it’s likely your own internet connection

      Try the DOT’s website:
      If Google works and the DOT doesn’t it’s likely a DOT internet issue

      Verify you are running the latest version
      Look in the CHEMS Community Server Software folder for the latest software. If you think your software may be outdated just install the latest version...
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    • What are some of the common error messages?
      Jon Gray
      If your Internet connection is OK and you see any of the following error messages it’s likely an issue at the DOT. Please check the CHEMS Community Server for any additional information and/or report the problem you are having ASAP if no one else has.

      ‘Internal Server Error 500’
      The CHEMSPRO application servers are offline. The DOT’s Internet connection may have been interrupted. The application servers will need to be reset to begin communicating properly again. Please...
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    • How / where do I report a problem?
      Jon Gray
      The CHEMS Community Server is our main method of CHEMSPRO communication. You can review posts from other users and post your own questions and comments about the system. Normally questions about CHEMSPRO should be posted in the CHEMSPRO Support Forum.

      When reporting a problem it’s important to include pertinent information. Keep in mind support staff needs enough information to understand and repeat the problem you are seeing. Post a brief description of the problem and any error...
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    • How safe is my data?
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      Your data is very safe. As a result of ‘9/11’ the State created a redundant data center at a remote location. When you hit ‘F9’ to save your data the information is written to both data centers simultaneously. Even if one data center is completely destroyed there won’t be any data loss. To date, after many years of operation, there hasn’t been any loss of Oracle data for anyone at the DOT related to a hardware failure.

      Please keep in mind your county should have its own...
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